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At Bring Out Ideas, we work with our clients to apply analytics to the software repositories being used on a day-to-day basis. Why? Quite simply, to improve the way they test. But I’m occasionally asked whether such analytics really is helpful or if it is simply hype—a case of something new. My answer is unequivocal: analyzing software repositories really does improve testing quality.


These repositories hold a wealth of information about how people collaborate to build software. This is information that can be mined to better understand prior experience and dominant patterns, and from which historical data can be extracted to use as predictors.

But, of course, in a collaborative product development environment, this data is spread across different repositories and represented in different forms. In the development and test (engineering) cycle, for example, there are quite a few entities or artifacts, such as test, code, requirements, and defects, and there are multiple repositories that also contain information which could provide insights.

Kushal Gaikwad

Founder and CEO



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